Answering that of God

How do you respond to that of God in your child? A question that was not asked of me as a parent when my children were growing up. I wonder if it should have been asked especially if I was to follow Fox’s suggestion that I “answer that of God in every” person? The question assumes that I was to see or feel that of God in my child in some way so that I could respond. Or maybe I was to carry a belief in the goodness of the child and it is that belief in their goodness that I could have responded to.

Then I have to ask myself, is it Pollyannaish to look for goodness in a misbehaving child?

A group of psychiatrists are answering that question for themselves. They are working with at risk young people. They have taken the position that these young people want to do well but don’t have the knowledge and/or skills for doing so.  These psychiatrists have developed a system for working with at risk young people based o their belief in the young people’s desire to do well that is proving strong in producing change. It is reassuring to find scientific evidence that supports my faith and its beliefs.

However, I know my role does not stop with the belief in my children wanting to do well. The question is how can I help them do so? The psychiatrists have developed a system for helping young people live “well” or more appropriately.  I wonder if further seeking out their work will not be helpful to parents who are living with and guiding their children whom they want to believe are basically wanting to be good?

I’ll let you know.

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