Flyer for parent discussion virtual groups


Invitation to Join a Virtual

Quaker Parent Discussion Group

As Quakers have you ever wondered:

  • How your Quaker faith can give support and guidance to your parenting?
  • How your parenting is part of your spiritual journey?
  • What guidance does Quakerism give to knowing how to deal with behavior challenges, from toddlers to teens?

The Quaker Parenting Initiative, with support from the New England and New York Yearly Meetings, is offering an opportunity to explore these questions.

Parents and household caregivers of children 0-18, drawing from our Quaker faith, can find our deepest hopes and identify our values.  A set of seasoned queries will give us a bridge between our dreams and everyday life. We can share with like-minded, like-hearted parents and feel the warmth and encouragement of community. A seasoned facilitator and Friend will serve as guide on our parenting trail.

Using a virtual conferencing platform, parents and household caregivers of children 0-18 can sit at home in the evening after kids are tucked into bed and explore with others Quakerism and its meaning in their lives with their children.

Two 5-week series will meet beginning the third week of April. One series will start April 16th and continue through May 14th. The second group will start April 18th and go through May 16th.  Groups will meet at 7:30 EDT.  During the first sessions we present the queries and how parents use them. The topics of each session and the discussions build on what was covered earlier. Attending each session, though not required, best supports both the group sharing and the Individual’s understanding.

 One parent wrote:
Online makes it accessible. It was amazing to connect to the community this way!!  It has been so lovely to feel part of something with like-minded people, each with their own challenges. It is difficult to commit to a weekly time slot for a number of consecutive weeks, but I am so glad that I did. Ann Pettigrew Nunes

Fifty dollars per family for the five week series to be paid to the facilitator of the group.

For more information or to enroll contact
Harriet Heath, Coordinator of the Quaker Parenting
413 238 6568