Workshop Outline

Grandparenting Creatively in a Quakerly Manner


An opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their grandparenting role
  • Envision how they would like to grandparent
  • Problem solve what is possible given the circumstances

First Session

Queries to guide session

  • What role do I have in the lives of my grandchildren?
  • What role do I wish I had?
  • How can my Quaker Faith guide me as I walk this Grandparenting path?

Circle introductions

  • Introduce our extended families using pictures
  • Something we have done together that was fun or
  • Something we would have liked to have done together that would have been fun.

List our issues (They might include)

  • Children live far away
  • Members not speaking to each other
  • Grandchildren not doing well
  • Children being dumped on you
  • Not seeing grandchildren

Take one issue—

  • Brainstorm ideas for solving

Building our picture of the ideal family —

  • What would our ideal extended family look like?
  • (Work in small groups)
  • Who include?
  • Activities
  • Pool our dreams

Holding a member of our extended family in the Light

Second Session

This session will grow out of the material presented during the first session

Possible topics
  • Issue: Grandparent listed geographical distance from grandchildren
  • Workshop: Brainstorming schemes for keeping in touch.
  • Issue: Parents will not let grandparents see grandchild. There is no communication with family
  • Workshop: Draw on Quaker practices for help in understanding.Draw on Quaker testimonies for guidance
  • Issue: Grandchild have serious problems
  • Workshop:
    • Identifying problems
    • Brainstorming possible ways of dealing with problems
    • Turning to our Quaker faith to guide us in how to support the child