News Item – Organizational  Events

Several events are encouraging The Quaker Parenting Initiative to broaden its geographical scope beyond that of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. One major event was the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting laying down its working groups, which meant that QPI was no longer associated with PYM. This freed QPI to view itself as having a broader mission. Another is the fact that two of QPI’s members now live in the geographical area of other Yearly Meetings. A third event, more a fact than event, is that we have been working with other groups across the nation to provide parenting programs. Now it is time to recognize there is interest and there are needs out beyond PYM.

At the moment we are doing this expanding in two ways. We are moving into the social media. If you are reading this, you have found our web site. Check us out also on Face book.  Second, we are established a collaborative relationship with l the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, members of which come from 19 yearly meetings and represent 175 monthly meeting. We are attending their meetings and searching with them for ways the two groups can work together  in our efforts to support the spiritual life of children and their parents.

Remember to look for us on Face book and check in on our web site, quakerparenting.org to keep current with what we are doing.

Upcoming Events

Parenting Creatively in a Quakerly Manner
One five week virtual discussion series beginning in February 26th
Facilitators:  Harriet Heath and Amy Connelly
For further information contact Harriet Heath harriet.e.heath@gmail.com

Facilitator Traininng: To be announced