A Family Weekend

A time of family fun, a chance for Quaker children to play and learn
together, and an opportunity of parents to share their concerns with
other Quaker parents. The weekend is tailored to meet the needs of the

A Family Weekend Outline

Friday evening

(approximately from 6:00 to 8:00 depending on age of children)

  • Activities as people gather – child focused
  • Dinner—potluck
  • Evening family time
    • Share pictures of family time over vacation
    • Games
    • Story telling
    • Singing

Saturday morning

(Day starts at 9:00 or 9:30 and ends by 4:30. An evening program can
be planned but families tend to feel they want the evening at home together.)

  • Worship
  • Quaker Beliefs —
  • Integrating our beliefs into family life
    • Looking at our situations
    • Brainstorming solutions
    • Choosing solutions based on our beliefs
  • Lunch break—(pizza (?) with children and time for a good family

Saturday Afternoon

  • Integrating the testimonies into family life
    • Define some of the testimonies
  • Consider children’s characteristics and setting realistic expectations
    for our children’s behavior
  • Planning with consideration of the testimonies
  • Other relevant issues to consider—
    • Building and maintaining the relationship
  • Reflection on day

Sunday Morning

(usually an hour during adult religious education)

  • Issues parents raise or
  • Raising Quaker children in a non Quaker world
  • Join in meeting for worship