The Quaker Parenting Initiative: Its Purposes and Goals

Meetings blessed with families often look for ways to support those families.
Participants of this workshop learn about the different programs offered by
the Quaker Parenting Initiative and how those programs can be adapted to meet the needs of the parents of a meeting. Our programs provide opportunities for parents to relate their Quaker faith to their family life. At the same time, parents may form bonds with other Quaker parents for support and
to share the joys and tribulations of nurturing children. Meeting members
will learn more from this workshop about how the Quaker Parenting Initiative
can support the life of their meeting.

Workshop Outline


Introduce participants to:

  • The history of the Initiative
  • The make-up of the participants
  • The goals of the organization and its activities


  • Circle introductions
  • Briefly tell the history of the organization
    • How QPI started
    • Who was involved
    • Make-up of the writing group
      • Our common understandings
  • What we found that we shared:
    • Beliefs on which we base our parenting
    • Testimonies that guide us
    • Practices that keep us focused including
      • Queries that remind us of the pertinent issues
  • Describe workshops QPI offers
    • Discussion series
    • Single sessions
    • Weekend family retreat
  • Leadership Development
  • Reflection on workshop