Raising Quaker Children in a Non-Quaker World

Parents are raising their children in a world much of which is not only not sympathetic to Quaker principles but even antagonistic. As their children grow parents must be able to explain to their children their values and why they hold them.

Children, especially those in non-Quaker schools, following Quaker testimonies and practices can face difficult situations at school as well as in the neighborhood.

With the workshop participants we will raise some of these issues.

Workshop Outline


  • Encourage participants to identify what we mean by “Quaker children”
  • Define the Testimonies and Quaker values that can guide our parenting
  • Explore ways of integrating the Testimonies and values into family life


  • Circle Introductions
  • What does a Quaker Child look like?
    • Extract from the discussion the testimonies and values we want to see in our children
  • Define the Quaker testimonies and values
  • How do we use these testimonies and values within the family and teach them to our children?
    • Situations that offer an opportunity for our children to learn about the values
  • Implications for children
  • Reflections