The Writing Group

This is the group that started meeting in 2003. They produced Paths to Quaker Parenting Using Quaker Beliefs, Testimonies and Practices. The group, having finished their task, was laid down.

Danielle Beauvais, Gwynedd MM, PYM
Marlou Carlson, Duneland Friends MM, Illinois Yearly Meeting, Friends General Conference—Religious Education
Pamela Haines, Central Philadelphia MM, PYM
Harriet Heath, Clerk, Radnor MM, PYM
Anne Janson, Radnor MM, PYM
Cornelia Kietzman, Chestnut Hill MM, PYM
Lynn Oberfield, Providence MM, PYM
Wendilee O’Brien, attends Swarthmore MM, PYM
Karyn Payten, Chester MM, PYM
Myriam Siftar, Arch Street MM, PYM
Marty Smith, Moorestown MM, PYM
Amanda Vail, Gwynedd MM, PYM