Tea-and-Chat with Quaker Parents

Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. EDST – virtual

Being socially isolated from other parents can be really hard right now. Through the New England Yearly Meeting, Gretchen Baker-Smith and Harriet Heath are co-hosting a weekly Zoom Tea-and-Chat with Quaker parents during this stay-at-home time. Join a free-form conversation. To sign up email Harriet Heath at

Parenting Creatively in a Quakerly Manner

Starting September 21, 2021

Parenting Creatively in a Quakerly Manner, a five-week virtual discussion series to be facilitate by Emma Richter and Harriet Heath.  A description of this series is in the workshop section of this web site. For further information contact Harriet Heath at

Coming: Watch for further information

Training for Quaker Parenting Initiative facilitators

An opportunity to learn an approach to working with parents that leaves the decision making with the parents while providing access to the information and skills parents need to be able to carry out their decisions.

Gathering of Quakers working with parents. Watch for further information.

Across this nation there are Quakers seeking to support parents in their lives as parents and as Quakers. This gathering will be an opportunity to:

  • Report the needs we each are finding among Quaker parents for support and guidance.
  • Share what each of us is doing to meet the needs we see in our Quaker parents.
  • Learn what others are doing.