Quaker Beliefs, Values and Practices as Guides to Our Parenting

Participants define what each means to them and share experiences of using Quakerism as they live with and guide their children. Four one-hour sessions.

Discussion Series Outline


  • Introduce participants to Quaker beliefs, testimonies and practices
  • Share parenting experiences
  • Discuss how Quaker beliefs, testimonies and practices can guide and support
    our parenting.


Week 1

  • Introductions
  • Basic tenets of the Quaker faith:
  • Homework assignment: What are our beliefs? What are
    two or three guiding principles which we try to live by?
  • Quaker testimonies:
  • Another assignment: What are the values most important to you, the
    ones you are likely to pass on to your children?
  • List situations, which our children have encountered during the week.
  • Introduce brainstorming
    • Brainstorm possible responses to situations listed.

Week 2

  • Welcome everyone again.
  • Look at the responses given last session to how to keep differing
    expectations of parents from harming our child. Consider:

    • What would the consequences of each be?
    • Based on the values you hold dear, which response
      would you choose?
  • Worship sharing around the clarity and strength of our faith
    now as compared with “BC”, before children
    . Has
    your faith changed? How?
  • Look at the situation taken from list compiled last week.
    • What might our responses be?

Week 3

  • Think of a value or two which you hold dear, which you hope your
    children will embrace.
  • Pick a situation and brainstorm responses. Which response would
    you choose based on your values?
  • Talk about the Quaker practices.

Week 4

  • Pick up on themes from previous weeks
  • Look again at Quaker practices. Which have you used with your child?
  • As we look at how we can respond to situations, how we can guide our
    child to make choices, keeping in mind their developmental level.
  • Take another situation
    • Brainstorm possible responses
  • Close with worship sharing